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Petcam (Metacam) Oral Suspension

I've been giving Petcam to my old cat suffering from arthritis for the last several months. She improved a lot and I'm so happy to see her jumping again, not hobbling around in pain!  

by Emma, LA

I still remember times when there were no medications designed specifically for pets and no one actually cared when a dog or a cat suffered from some illness. The animals were simply thrown upon their own devices. Thanks God, vets have created Petcam and other drugs that help us keep our dear friends in good health!  

by Marion Smith, New York

I have a German shepherd. It is a big and strong dog that is a real friend for me. But it is comparatively old and some 5 or 6 month ago he started suffering from osteoarthritis. Our vet prescribed us with Petcam and the medication turned to be very helpful. My dog looks much happier and healthier. He can run and jump as he did before and it seems to cause no pain to him.  

by Trevor, Chicago

I work as a veterinarian for more than 15 years and I have seen many dogs with osteoarthritis and similar problems. And I don't know any other drug that is more effective than Petcam. I advise it to my clients and they are usually happy with the results. But you should be sure of what your dog suffers before you start giving it some drugs!  

by Denis Witcom, MS

I have a Yorkshire terrier, it is the sweetest creature in the world. And it is my dearest friend, we have had many happy and bad moments together and my baby always supports me in difficult situations. Last week my doggy got ill with some stupid inflammation or something, I took her to the doctor and he told me to buy this medicine and give it to my pet. Now she?s healthy and happy again! Thank you for the drug!  

by Missy, Delaware

I'm so happy that this medication comes in suspension form! Me and my wife have a 2-year-old mastiff, Neapolitan mastiff to be exact. It is a very nice and friendly dog, but when it comes to taking pills we have to fight for hours and the result is not always positive. Now when we have Petcam suspension it's so much easier to treat my dog from health problems!  

by Josh, Ottawa

My dachshund is really old, it's about 13 years and it has problems with his bones and moves very slowly. When I brought it to my friend veterinarian, he told the dog suffers from osteoarthritis pains and prescribed him with Petcam. I ordered the drug from this online shop and it was delivered next day. Now my dog and I are really grateful for the med as it works great for his old bones and joints.  

by Kimberly Willson

My labrador was diagnosed with Arthritis about a year and a half ago. We put him on petcam to help Boy overcome his severe pains. He seems to be in no more pain and also this suspension is very easy to administer. I am happy because Boy seemed to be allergic to every other drug and now he runs as a puppy and looks good.  

by Lionel H.

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